As a tunneling contractor, Harrison Western provides a unique offering and range of capabilities. Unlike some contractors which only perform a narrow collection of tunneling methods, we can capably deliver a variety of services. Since our inception, Harrison Western has performed tunneling work for railroads, mining companies, departments of transportation, utilities and water/sewer/irrigation operators.  What sets us apart is our ability to perform trenchless installations in highly urban areas, drill & blast tunneling at extreme altitudes, or deep underground excavations many thousands of feet below the surface. In addition, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of scenarios where a tunneling operation requires some highly specialized geotechnical engineering and techniques, which we can perform in-house. Harrison Western is proud to offer our traditional large diameter tunneling scopes via drill & blast as well as a full suite of services dedicated to tunnel rehabilitation. In addition, since our acquisition in 2014 of Underground Infrastructure Technologies, we can offer auger boring, microtunneling, conventional hand tunneling, and pipe jacking, ramming, and bursting to the underground utility and stormwater space throughout the Western United States.

Specific Services

Traditional Tunneling Scopes

Drill & Blast
Tunnel Rehabilitation
Inlet/Outlet Tunnels
Railroad Tunnels

Trenchless Tunneling Scopes (performed by our subsidiary firm UIT)

Horizontal Auger Boring
Tunnel Bore Machine
Pipe Ramming
Hand Tunneling


Laramie-Poudre Tunnel Rehabilitation

Harrison Western rehabilitated almost half of this two-mile, trans-mountain irrigation water tunnel that was originally built in 1910. HW removed degraded steel and timber sets and filled dangerous overhead cavities with …

Why Harrison Western for tunneling?

As a mining and heavy civil contractor established in 1968, we have been working in underground settings non-stop for over 50 years. We have either built, maintained, repaired or rehabilitated thousands of miles of underground passageways and infrastructure.

With the addition of our subsidiary firm UIT performing trenchless utility installations, and the recent expansion of geotechnical service offerings, our suite of services can perform nearly any subterranean scope.

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