Heavy Civil & Industrial Construction

Our line of services includes heavy civil applications, such as above-ground drilling and blasting, rockfall mitigation and stabilization, rock bolts and anchors, rock scaling and cutting, expansive grouting, ground improvement, shotcreting, and shoring. We are often called upon by departments of transportation, railway operators, water districts, utility operators, large general contracting firms and even private owners to assist them with some of the more technical geo-hazards and geotechnical scopes of their projects.

Specific Services

Rock Excavation

Rock Bolts & Anchors

Drilling & Blasting

Non-Explosive Rock Breaking Methods

Avalanche Mitigation Equipment Installation


Specialty Concrete/Shotcrete


Aerial Lift Projects

Dam Infrastructure Including Inlet/Outlet Tunnels

MSE Walls

Highwall Stabilization


Twin Tunnels Rock Cut

For the widening of the westbound lanes of I-70 at the Twin Tunnels, Harrison Western excavated 50,000 CY of rock with careful and calculated drilling and blasting. The work was limited to a maximum of …

Why Harrison Western for heavy civil and industrial construction?

We are a specialty contractor focused on geotechnical and underground construction specialties. The nature of this work requires a wealth of expertise, and Harrison Western has installed tens of thousands of feet of soil nails, micropiles, MSE Walls, rock bolts and anchors as well as millions of cubic yards of grout to support our clients’ projects.

We have worked with some of the largest general contractors in the world, small and large municipalities coast to coast, federal entities of all types, and individual property owners to address their needs in a highly collaborative manner.

We can provide a no-cost site visit and assessment for your next project.

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