LBNF Crusher/Conveyor/Ore Bin Rehabilitation

MINE CONSTRUCTION The former Homestake Gold Mine was converted into the Sanford Underground Research Facility for the purpose of conducting multiple underground experiments. One of these experiments involves studying neutrino movement through the earth, and for this, part of the mine has been designated the ‘Long Baseline Neutrino Facility’ (LBNF). To facilitate the neutrino experiment, […]

Hutchinson Salt Mine Headframe Construction

MINE CONSTRUCTION Harrison Western designed and built a new headframe around the existing 100-year-old headframe and mill building while the mine remained in operation. HW also designed the structural foundations, which were comprised of 18 drilled concrete piles, 65′ in depth. The piles were installed in close proximity to existing structures and utilities. HW completed […]

Lyons Salt Bulkhead

MINE CONSTRUCTION Harrison Western has worked on several projects at this underground salt mine over the past decade, including a unique design-build bulkhead, a grouting program, and a bolting program. Other Projects ALL PROJECTS Heavy Civil Seven Sisters Avalanche Mitigation Tunnel Rehabilitation Rio Grande Reservoir Inlet/Outlet Tunnel Tunnel Rehabilitation Spiro Tunnel Rehabilitation Load More

Skyline Mine Ventilation Slope

MINE CONSTRUCTION Under several different contracts, Harrison Western has completed numerous projects at the Hockley Salt Mine. Major projects included shaft and headframe repairs, ground control, installation of ventilation structures, mill building repairs, and nipping of large and unusual equipment into and out of the mine. Ground control projects included scaling and controlled blasting of […]