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Start Date: July 2017
Completion Date: TBD

Engineered Excavation Project
Black Hawk, Colorado

Heavy Civil Construction | Rock Scaling & Bolting | Shotcrete | Micropiles & Shoring | Highwall Stabilization | Landslide, Retaining Wall, & Slope Stabilization

Harrison Western and UIT worked together on a mixed rock and overburden excavation project in downtown Black Hawk, Colorado. We supported the excavated area with a mixture of soil nails, rock bolts, mesh, and shotcrete. The project also used an innovative rock breaking technique in the interest of public safety.

Start Date: February 2014
Completion Date: April 2014

Boulder Falls Slope Mitigation
Boulder, Colorado

Heavy Civil Construction | Landslide, Retaining Wall, & Slope Stabilization

Originally built in the 1990s, the gabion wall protecting hikers from rockfall on the Boulder Falls trail had served its useful life, and had been damaged by the September, 2013 flood. Harrison Western was contracted by the City of Boulder to remove the old wall and replace it in kind, and to rehabilitate parts of the hiking trail that were also damaged by the flood.

After demolishing the old wall, we constructed a new 912 SF gabion wall with hand-placed rock fill. Rocks were sourced on site, and resized either with a sledgehammer or microblasters if needed.

Other scope items included the removal of steel pipe railing and masonry columns, rehabilitation and widening of areas of the rock hiking trail, placement of riprap, and grouting a retaining wall.

Start Date: January 2017
Completion Date: March 201

Carter Lake Rock Scaling
Loveland, Colorado

Heavy Civil Construction | Highwall Stabilization | Drilling & Blasting
Larimer County contracted with Harrison Western to perform a rock scaling project near Carter Lake to reopen a public road. The work included installing appropriate sediment control barriers, removing and reinstalling traffic control devices, placing imported cushioning material on the roadbed to prevent damage to the roadway during construction, using a hydraulic excavator mounted hoe-ram at the top of the road cut to excavate and break off overhang rock, hand scaling, removing material to the designated disposal area, and spraying a four- inch layer of shotcrete. Work was performed immediately adjacent to a US Bureau of Reclamation Dam and Reservoir (USBR). Collaboration with many parties, which included County Engineering, USBR, the Water Board, residents, and other stakeholders, was required to secure the mandatory permits and easements.

Start Date: May 2016
Completion Date: July 201

Edgar Mine Rehabilitation
Idaho Springs, Colorado

Underground Construction & Maintenance | Mine/Tunnel Rehabilitation

The Edgar Mine, which is the Colorado School of Mines Experimental Mine, is a contemporary version of a mine of the past. In the 1870s, it produced high-grade silver, gold, lead, and copper. Today, it serves as an underground laboratory for future mining professionals. The mine produces valuable experience for those who are being trained to find, develop, and process the world’s natural resources.

Harrison Western provided a conceptual cost estimate and construction schedule, which was later finalized following a constructability review and finalization of the design. The project included removing and replacing air, water, and power systems within the mine. Also included in this project was the installation of an underground medium voltage electrical service, routing of water and compressed air to existing structures, and providing adequate road access.

Additionally, HWCC cleaned up and removed petroleum-contaminated soil and recycled dilapidated equipment from the site.

Start Date: October 2017
Completion Date: December 2017

Folsom Dam Right Bank Stabilization
Folsom, California

Highwall Stabilization | Landslide, Retaining Wall, & Slope Stabilization | Rock Scaling & Bolting

Harrison Western was contracted to stabilize one bank downstream of the Folsom Dam, approximately three miles north of Folsom, California in Sacramento County. The work involved structural concrete repairs to rock joint cavities, and furnishing and installing a rock bolt system to stabilize the embankment. Harrison Western also conducted preproduction and proof rock bolt pull tests, and tensioned the bolts specified.

Start Date: 2000
Completion Date: On-Going

Henderson Mine
Empire, Colorado

Underground Construction & Maintenance | Shaft Construction, Repair, & Rehabilitation | Shaft Furnishing & Maintenance | Drifting & Stoping | Rock Scaling & Bolting | Shotcrete | Drilling & Blasting | Mine/Tunnel Rehabilitation

The Henderson Mine is a large underground molybdenum mine west of the town of Empire in Clear Creek County, Colorado. Harrison Western has performed various projects at Henderson since 1972, and has maintained a mechanical crew onsite for the last 18 years.

Over the years, HWCC has constructed four shafts, deepened one, and excavated thousands of cubic yards of rock from the underground mine. We have built 18 underground truck loading chutes. Other major projects include ventilation and materials handling structures, vent fan replacements, an underground office structure, a 15,000 SF surface structure, a 8,000 SF shop, shaft repairs, and utility installation. We are currently working on the rehabilitation of the 7500 level for access to future workings, additional ore chute construction, pump station repairs, and construction of the D-Loop Mud Settler.

Start Date: May 2017
Completion Date: April 2018

Nyrstar - Elmwood Mine Rehabilitation
Gordonsville, Tennessee

Underground Construction & Maintenance | Shaft Construction, Repair, & Rehabilitation | Shaft Furnishing & Maintenance | Drifting & Stoping | Rock Scaling & Bolting | Shotcrete | Drilling & Blasting | Mine/Tunnel Rehabilitation

Harrison Western was contracted to extend a shaft, rehabilitate and enlarge an existing drift, and install a conveyor and crusher at Nyrstar’s Elmwood Mine in central Tennessee.

The shaft and collar extension (picture above at left) involved removing the old headframe and hoist, forming and pouring the shaft lining concrete, and placing 9,000 cy of clay fill and armoring (325 tn) around the extension. The shaft was extended 20 feet higher in order to accommodate a tailings dam raise.

We rehabilitated and enlarged 14,000 lf of existing drift by drilling and blasting, scaling, bolting, removing rail and utilities, and leveling and grading the invert. We then installed a 14,000 lf, 5-belt conveyor unit, and a new crusher tower, feeder, jaw crusher, and breaker.

Start Date: June 2013
Completion Date: October 2013

Pennsylvania Mine Rehabilitation
Keystone, Colorado

Mine/Tunnel Rehabilitation | Mine Opening Design, Construction, Remediation, & Closure | Mine Water Control & Plug Construction | Rock Scaling & Bolting

This project consisted of rehabilitating 600 feet of tunnel in the Pennsylvania Mine, which is located at over 10,000 feet elevation in the mountains outside of Montezuma, Colorado.

The project included the placement of steel sets, spiling rod, and other roof control measures. In addition, we cleared a cave-in at the 100’ station, and removed rotten timbers and contaminated materials. The project also included straightening of rail, installation of walkway, and cleaning of ventilation and utilities to allow teams to investigate and establish parameters for a concrete bulkhead and closure.

Harrison Western diverted the contaminated water through a series of lined ponds for treatment before release into Peru Creek.

Start Date: 2012
Completion Date: 2017

Standard Mine Rehabilitation
Crested Butte, Colorado

Mine/Tunnel Rehabilitation | Mine Opening Design, Construction, Remediation, & Closure | Mine Water Control & Plug Construction 

The abandoned Standard Mine near Crested Butte, Colorado was placed on the National Priorities List by the US EPA as needing remedial action to treat the mine water discharge, which had elevated levels of metals. In order to determine the best locations to place bulkheads underground to control the discharge, Harrison Western (HW) was contracted to rehabilitate and safeguard the unstable mine workings.

In Phase I of this project, HW rehabilitated a portal and adit, including installing new steel sets, roof bolts, gate, and headwall, and repairing timber sets. Harrison Western removed caved materials and re-excavated the tunnel.

In Phase II, HW safeguarded two levels (1 and 3) for future work. On Level 1, a new adit was driven 500 feet parallel to the original mine workings in order to safely access collapsed areas. On Level 3, additionally safeguarding measures included filling raises with foam, filling winzes with concrete, spot bolting, and installing steel and timber cribbing.

HW directed the discharging water through a series of passive wetland treatment ponds to lower the pH and precipitate out the heavy contaminants.

Start Date: March 2014
Completion Date: December 2014
Awards: ENR Rocky Mountain Region 2016 Project of the Year and Best of the Best Awards

I-70 Twin Tunnels Rock Cut
Idaho Springs, Colorado

Heavy Civil Construction | Highwall Stabilization | Drilling & Blasting
Harrison Western performed two vertical rock cuts and slope stability services for the I-70 Twin Tunnels Project – Westbound Package 1 Project. We excavated approximately 50,000 CY of rock along the corridor. The crews were able to coordinate blasting work to conduct two blasts under one traffic stop, which was limited to one to two stops per day. When possible and safe, one lane was open for traffic to pass. Some work was excavated by hand and some was performed via mechanical excavation. Harrison Western drilled and blasted, then installed 74,000 SF of rock fall mesh, 34 grouted anchors, 1,350 LF of grouted dowels, and 450 LF of tensioned rock bolts for permanent highwall stability.

Start Date: March 2012
Completion Date: On-Going

United Salt Ground Control & Rehabilitation
Hockley, Texas

Underground Construction & Maintenance | Rock Scaling & Bolting | Mine/Tunnel Rehabilitation | Drilling & Blasting

Harrison Western performed a variety of operations in the mine shaft, including timber and bearing set repairs, removal and replacement of vent ducting, headframe repairs, skip replacement, and utility work in the shaft.

Additionally, Harrison Western completed a large scope of ground control activities in and around the underground processing plant and shaft station areas. Work included scaling and controlled blasting of roof and pillars with back height ranging from 15’ to 60’, installation of a variety of bolts and mesh, cable wrapping of pillars and tensioning, structural repairs, and installation of ground movement and monitoring devices and probe holes. The project was expanded to include more scaling and controlled blasting of main haulage ways, ventilation corridors, and active faces.

Harrison Western also performed installation of ventilation stoppings, air doors, nipping of large and unusual equipment into and out of the mine, mill building repairs, and equipment repairs.


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